6 for 6 – getting ready!

Just one more day to go before the challenge kicks off. Only six items of clothing for six weeks. YIKES!!!

I decided earlier this year to take on the Six Items Challenge, an initiative started by Labour Behind the Label to raise awareness and funds to alleviate some of the unfair and abusive labour practices happening in ‘sweatshop’ garment factories.

Since my decision, I have just about obsessed over what to wear. It’s a big deal. Six items of clothing for six weeks. The website says accessories, underwear, footwear are unlimited and you can have an additional outfit for sporting and outdoor activities, so don’t panic. I am still panicking!

The first thought in this panic mode was to rush out/online and buy an entire new six items especially for the challenge, with a pinterest board to keep track. But that would have defeated the entire purpose. It’s a pushback to the fast fashion trends that revolve every four to six weeks so going out and buying a haul would be like the gorge before the diet. But then that’s the problem with fashion. It’s like a fetish, an addiction.

I have to remind myself to breathe…

So this challenge is a great opportunity to breathe. To minimalise. To control the fetish. To hone in on what my style is. But also to be involved with an initiative that relates to something I am passionate about – ethical and sustainable fashion.

Let’s see how I get on.

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