6 items update and new look

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It’s been a challenge alright!

The most challenging thing is keeping my six items clean. I have a 13-month old who loves salmon, blueberries and pumpkin and kumara hummus (not in that order). I pulled my green cotton top out one morning only to find little salmon finger prints all over it. Luckily I had another two tops to chose from ;).  Now when I get home I change in to my active wear (you’re allowed additional active wear) to let my precious items last longer.

The other thing is that sometimes you just want to wear something else. I think that will be the hardest part of the challenge as I go on. No doubt there’ll be more about that.

IMG_0770 (1).jpg

I have managed to wear only five items, with a sixth still to be confirmed. It’s a choice between blue pants (as featured in my second post video), a pair of harem style black pants that need a lot of ironing and are tight-waisted, or a very cool pair of culottes that can be dressed up or down. The issue with the culottes is that they are old, need depilling and some seam sewing. Guess that’s my Sunday night sorted!

On another note, I spent the day on the other side of the Crown Range (a wee range of mountains in Central Otago) in a lovely place called Wanaka. I went with a friend to check out a second-hand clothing sale at the local recreation centre, because we’re thinking of running a similar event in Queenstown. We definitely got food for thought, plus I picked up a few goodies that I can’t wear for 5 + 3/4 weeks, but hey who’s counting!

Oh, and here’s another combination – the hunter green cotton vest from Kowtow and indigo denim pinafore from Country Road.

3 thoughts on “6 items update and new look

  1. Sue says:

    I’m so loving this Fred! And really proud of what you stand for and who and what you’re doing this for.
    I always think of the starfish and how the little boy said every life mattered.


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