And the answer was no

You know how in scrabble when have really terrible tiles you can opt to miss a turn to get a new set of seven? Well, that’s exactly what I am doing. I don’t know what the rules of engagement are for the Six Items Challenge but I have decided to start again.

My six choices were a shambles. Too tight, too big, too short, too much maintenance. Why oh why did I choose six items of clothing that I would normally wear only once a month for something that requires me to wear them three times a week?

I suppose it reflects an experience we all go through a lot of the time – being seduced by an idea and purchasing something that is too big, too short, too tight, or needs the perfect other thing to make it work (which, let’s be honest probably doesn’t exist/is too expensive/isn’t available to ship to New Zealand).

When I chose my initial six I thought about how many different ways I could wear them, nevermind how bad they might look, or more precisely how awkward I might feel. I also chose distinctive colours and patterns thinking I would get bored of the same old same old. I completely neglected practicality (can it withstand the yoghurt-faced muddy cuddles from my son when I pick him up?), and comfort, a somewhat important factor in a challenge situation. You wouldn’t run a marathon in high heels either, right?!

When I am shopping for clothes (new or pre-loved), I always ask myself the question, will you wear this tomorrow? If I say no for whatever reason (this of course excludes items bought for specific special future occasions) then I don’t buy it, give or take the odd moment of weakness.

Today I looked at my six items and asked myself will you wear this tomorrow, and the next day and the next day? And the answer was no. So, after a long day of wardrobe pulling, different mirrors, test runs, and even a little bit of soul searching, I finally got to my new six – a good, trusted and loved ensemble.

I’ll introduce them tomorrow with a video confessional update.

As to the consequence of the scrabble-style swap? I suppose I lose bragging rights mainly, which for someone determined and competitive like me is a big deal. And of course a small measure of embarrassment. If it’s any consolation – and believe you me, I have been looking for consolations – I am learning a few things about myself and my relationship with my clothes. And that is some of the point, isn’t it?

Now did someone say seven? Seven! Imagine that!

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