The customer is always right

Finally, a quiet moment to share my progress.

It’s been two weeks plus a day total on my Six Items Challenge, or one week with my new six. I had morning tea with a friend today who asked how my crazy experience was going and the chat moved on to the topic of old favourites in the cupboard that, because they’re well-made and fit great, can be worn again cycle after fashion cycle. It’s so true – well-made clothes that are a great fit and represent your personal style will make you feel and look good, and that is always en vogue.

Or maybe I’m just trying to re-glamorise my six! That’s a worry at only week two!!

But she also acknowledged how tricky it would be for her to whittle an extensive wardrobe down to six for six weeks. There is no doubt that it is hard. I’ve had a quick search and I guesstimate that there’s less than 50 wonderful women across the globe challenging themselves too. I’ve found them on social media through the tag #sixitemschallenge or who are fundraising through the Everyday Hero page on Labour Behind the Label. Support them too if you can. * I’m sorry, there may be men participating but I haven’t found any yet.

Shout out also to a work colleague of mine who decided two days before kick off to join me in the fast fashion fast! It’s awesome to have someone to compare and complain with every day.

But let’s just be honest. These are first world problems.

Good news is that first world problems turned in first world solutions can become third world solutions.  What we do here and now does affect distant others across the globe. Being a customer wields much power. Our purchasing habits dictate supply, our demands on how we get these items dictate the ethics and sustainability of it. As they say The customer is always right.

Let’s be right! 

IMG_0796 (1)

Here’s another look. This is a bit different. I guess there’s only so much you want to see of me with a new outfit on, so I’m breaking it up. And besides, this is my life. I am a mother, and that does in part contribute to my wardrobe choices. My son is 14 months old and we often bathe him outside if the weather is good. This is one of those situations. The cotton Kowtow t-shirt and French Connection skirt c. 2008 that I am wearing can more than handle the splashes. Oh, and thats our beloved sausage dog, Walter, camouflaged with the chair. He’s always getting in and amongst it.

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