The good, the bad and the…

I have this constant nagging feeling that something in my life is missing.

That’s because there is – a whole bunch of clothes. I go through my six items in my head and get to the end and think, surely, there must be more?! Surely…

But no. Six. Six items for six weeks really isn’t much. But as I said to my friend at work who is doing the same challenge, I’m sure there’s a good ending. First disbelief, then education, frustration, then determination, then some sort of weird revelation, inspiration and zen.

I will say this though – it makes the morning routine very easy. That’s good.

Here’s another good thing. Last night my husband and I were going to go out for a bite to eat. Two of my items were in the wash and another was drying plus it was cold so I was forced to wear the black dress, stripy top and tights. This outfit, pictured below, can be dressed up or down at about 80% up and 20% down. So I did what any respectable girl can do.  I dressed up. After my husband got over his initial shock he pulled out his ‘good’ jeans and before we knew it we were in our glad rags having a lovely dinner together. So that was an unexpected really cool side effect of the Six Items Challenge.

On the flip side these items are getting literally pulled through the wringer. There’s a lot of washing! And wow, wear and tear. That’s the bad side, but it does help avoid the ugly!!

It is definitely worth noting that the organic 100% cotton Kowtow garments are incredibly durable. They don’t smell at the end of the day unlike regular cotton blend shirts so I can actually get a couple of days out of ’em if they’re not too fingerprinted.

I’ve also learnt that to make my six items last I really do need to change into active wear when I’m playing with my son. Having fun with him is the priority!

So here’s another look – the Breton stripe top over the Kilt black dress that has been belted. It’s hard to tell in the dark photo.

Queenstown dinner out

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