Half way to Stockholm

Woohoo!! I am half way through the challenge.

Actually, I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be. Perhaps because I’m going through the zen phase of the Six Items Challenge. I’ve grown accustomed to my dress, trousers, skirt and three tops. They have become a modular uniform of sorts, and a uniform can be reassuring. You always know what you’re going to get. Or is it a case of Stockholm Syndrome, I wonder?

Overall, it’s feeling positive rather than frustrating 🙂 The wonderful feedback received and the questions people have asked about the challenge are not only encouraging but give me that moment to talk about being more fair about fashion – and that is why I am doing this after all.

But it’s not just serious conversations. I’ve had plenty of encouragement – more like rampant prodding – from a friend in the US about accessorising my ensembles. I’ve always thought excessive accessorising (try saying that fast) was like pretending to be a Christmas tree. However, statement pieces like the beaded felt neon tribal-style necklace I am wearing in the images lifts an outfit without being too ostentatious. Thanks Kezza for the reminder that accessories are a girl’s best friend… when diamonds are too expensive, that is.

So, only three weeks left. The question is: Will my six items last the distance ?

A couple of notes about this outfit. 

You are allowed one winter jacket with the challenge. This is mine. It’s a fully-lined floral tapestry bomber jacket that I’m wearing inside out! Clever huh?! It’s getting cold so I am getting good wear out of the jacket, which I think is from Ladakh (not ethical I’m afraid).

My trainers are from Veja, an absolutely awesome French company that works with Fair trade farmers in Brazil to source sustainable wild rubber, also using organic cotton and eco-tanned leather and it even recycles its packaging.

I have to mention the bag too (which is why there are two pictures). From Teo + Ng, designed and made in Paris, this tote is FABULOUS. It has been my lifeline for four years plus, continuing to garner compliment after compliment.

The Kowtow top you’ve seen a lot now – as I said it’s getting colder – and the pants are from New Zealand fashion retailer Max, circa 2011. Max has very few ethical credentials, so ethical rating apps like Good On You suggest avoiding that brand all together. If you’re curious about how your favourite fashion brands rate, get this app! It is like the ethical fashionista’s bible!

I can’t remember where the necklace is from.

And this was shot in stunning Arrowtown, the most delightful Autumn destination in New Zealand (if not the world!!)



2 thoughts on “Half way to Stockholm

  1. Rachel Strong says:

    Hey good lookin
    Love your work and the inside out jacket is pure genius.
    I am guilty of a few items from Max etc but I appreciate your earlier comment that the items in your existing wardrobe are already sustainable, so thanks for the free pass. But I’m totally going to think twice before buying from here on out.


    • mygoodemporium says:

      Thanks Rach, and yes it is!! 😊Get the Good on You App because you can also search items by category, tell your fave brand they need to do better and get good discounts. And then sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do 😉


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