Active wear, active wear. Doing stuff in my active wear

The Six Items Challenge allows you unlimited active wear.

I was relieved when I read that disclaimer before starting the challenge, because I practice yoga and like to walk and run. Never did I think I would be in my active wear almost as much as my six items. To make my items last, or because they’re in some stage of washing/drying I have resorted to resort wear, I am actively inactive in active wear! Active wear, active wear, I love and hate my active wear!

Here’s an hilarious video for the theme. Well, this is me now some days – just for a few more weeks anyway… to make my six items last.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.43.53 PM.png

By the way, there are plenty of ethical active wear brands. Good On You has released a list of 11 highly-rated brands, and Aussie-based Eco Princess Warrior has also put together a list of Australian brands.

Please note, Lulu Lemon is not on either list because they rate poorly with ethical and sustainable standards. I mention this because they have huge market share here in New Zealand, especially in Queenstown. Their advertising is all about feeling good, being free, making friends, being kind, and about making the world a better place, so it leaves a slightly bitter taste when you hear that Lulu Athletica the parent company has very poor environmental and social (workers’ rights) ratings in their garment manufacture. Yet people assume the opposite, and pay a lot for the garments. I have two items from Lulu Lemon that were gifted, but I won’t buy from them until they back up their positive affirmations with positive actions. Here’s a great wee article that represents the way I feel.

In terms of shoes…I could definitely look at replacing my smelly old Nikes in the photo, and I’m eyeing a pair of kotare mint Merino woolrunners from Kiwi brand Allbirds.



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