Last day! Tears, tears and STUFF

It’s the final day of the challenge.

How do I feel? Relieved. Proud. Contemplative.

I’m unsure of what to wear tomorrow…

I have documented the whole experience in a story for It says it all. Have a look – there are a few lovely photos too.

Celebrations tomorrow and commiserations as I say goodbye to at least three of my items which are simply finished (I’m talking safety pins, permanent stains, tears – as in fabric tears not tears from my eyes, although it was close!).

Today I take back my wardrobe. But I’m only putting 30 items back (still unlimited accessories, active wear and underwear, plus an extra jacket).

Bring on the seasonal capsule wardrobe!

Thanks for joining me on this particular journey. It’s just one leg of a bigger pathway to finding my ethical and sustainable style.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.06.24 PM



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