Finished, Far & Wide


It’s been a challenge but I’ve loved the experience. I’ve also loved being reunited with my wardrobe. But I am a changed person. Here’s my take on finishing the challenge.

But before I kick off, I want to extend a very warm welcome to new followers to the blog. Hello! I look forward to us sharing and caring together.

So the story has gone far and wide. *blush* I’m just pleased that the message about being more conscious about consumption is getting out there. It shows that people care and are interested. The response has been great, and it spurs me on.

Here are links to the stories if you want to see them:
2. DailyMail
3. NZHerald

I start again. But instead of putting everything back into my wardrobe, I put back 30 items. My capsule wardrobe begins.

Here’s a great article about the capsule wardrobe from the master Anushka Rees, who’s blog first introduced me to the idea a couple of years ago. This 101 blog is quite long, but the gist is to choose 20-30 items that work together for a season. They reflect your style, your ethics even. You might swap a couple of items over the season, but always the total remains the same. Importantly you are deliberately conscious of your choices and minimalist. You decide if this should include active wear, or work uniforms or perhaps shoes. It depends on your needs.

I’ll be writing more about this and what choices I’ve made.

Plus a few other interesting topics as I go. Stay tuned…

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