Spring and change are in the air

I love Spring. It is absolutely my favourite time of the year.

There’s sun, but not too much of it. Beautiful blossoms start to flourish, scenting the air and bringing colour to the grey. And yet, I still get to play in the snow, and wear my jacket and scarf some days. Perfection.

But it’s also time for new beginnings. For me that is significant. This month, I am opening a new chapter and starting up a new business. Well, it’s a creative platform of sorts, where people with a need for branding, PR, communications etc can come to The Cre8tive Group – that’s what it’ll be called we think – and have access to a whole bunch of incredible freelancers who will collaborate together for each client, and draw on different strengths for each ‘commission’. It’ll be a springboard to broaden my scope and specialise in sustainable businesses. That’s the exciting part.

But in the meanwhile, something very very important has to happen. It’s probably not as important as paying bills, but it sure does feel like it today.

My new Spring Capsule Wardrobe.



As ever, only 30 items. So I am pulling out the black and grey and bringing in dots, pink, blue and white. Patterns, lightness, shortness and shoes that don’t go above the ankle. The feel of grass on my feet, ย the sun on my face. I love Spring. Did I say that already?

And as always, I’ll leave a couple of empty hangers to purchase something new for spring that will last me all the way through to the end of next Spring (at least!). Look out Pinterest, here comes a new pinboard.

In winter I got a ‘new’ pre-loved denim shirt in exchange for one I could no longer mend, a pre-loved cowl neck cashmere sweater, a new pair of ankle boots from Kate Sylvester and a couple of items from WE-AR, a Kiwi brand that is fast becoming a favourite. I had 7 slots left after compiling my winter Capsule wardrobe, so I did OK there (Still catching up from a severe lack of clothing post pregnancy and nursing wear).

What’s your Spring Wardrobe looking like? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for Autumn (also a lovely time of the year). What do you have your eye on? Either way, have fun curating your new wardrobe.

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