Six items in 2018, and why I’m not doing it

This time last year, I was freaking out about undertaking the six items challenge – wearing only six items of clothing for six weeks. This year it starts again tomorrow, Valentines Day as well as the first day of Lent.

Lent, as you may know, is a period of fasting and penance for some Christians and Catholics, so what better time to have a fashion fast than at this time, whether you’re religious or not. You won’t be the only one. There are plenty of people around the world taking on the #sixitemschallenge.

I’m not one of them though, and the reason is threefold;

  1. I took the challenge last year, and feel like I really gained some deep and meaningful epiphanies – for me it really demonstrated the minimalist mantra of less is more. And really that is what the challenge is about. Yes, you can fundraise for Labour Behind the Label, the organisation that runs the challenge, but on a personal level it is all about pushing yourself, and learning about yourself and your consumption.
  2. I know I can do the challenge, so that means it’s not really a challenge anymore, is it?!
  3. All the people I was able to share my challenge experience with are still the same colleagues, acquaintances and friends (and family obviously) so I don’t get to have that same fresh impact as before.

Although I think it’s too late to officially be part of the challenge, you are never to late to have a fashion detox as part of a journey toward less fast fashion in your life, or maybe for you it’s about less stuff, or mindful consumption, or all of the above.

If you want to be inspired or just get some useful tips for your own fashion fast, check out my latest article published in Eco Warrior Princess.


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