Zero waste – less anyway…

I’ve always been the one that walks around switching taps off when people leave them running unnecessarily while brushing, washing, etc. I have always been the one to re-use the leftovers, save the containers, and fix my clothes. In fact, that desire to minimise waste is probably the reason I became environmentally aware, not the other way around.

I recently watched some of The Third Industrial Revolution by American economic and social theorist, writer and activist, Jeremy Rifkin  (WATCH IT!), and it reminded me that we all have a small bit to play.

For me, some of the ways I try to be kind to the earth is by not eating red meat, reducing first & then recycling what I buy (we need to get that model right!), and seeking out sustainable fashion brands that minimise or avoid environmental pollution. Choosing less plastic and toxic contents in beauty products also helps.

As women are surely the greatest consumers of beauty products, we can make a huge difference here.

My goal is to slowly convert my entire bathroom drawer into waste-free, toxin-free, non animal-tested products. I am so proud of my achievements so far, and loving waste-free beauty.

I’m discerning though. It has to still work, so the process is slow but steady.

These are my favourite waste-free products I’m currently loving (and probably will for life!):

  • 100% organic, Virgin Coconut Oil from Niugini Organics (this is the best coconut oil there is as far as I’m concerned!). Used as a 1: moisturizer, 2: light sunscreen, 3: make-up remover, 4: dry shaving balm and 5: hair mask (yes all those things) stored in a re-usable glass and metal jar (not sure about the rubber, though, come to think of it). Hubby uses it to clean his teeth – oil pulling – 6!. I cannot RAVE ABOUT THIS MORE! It is anti-microbial, natural, cheap, multi-purpose, non-toxic, comes in a massive jar and is good for everything and all ages! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Body soap from Kiwi brand Eco Store (have used these soaps for years, and they’re lovely)
  • Bars of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant bar and facial scrub (the blocks that looks like chocolate) from Kiwi brand Ethique (I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!! – it’s even palm-oil free) ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Oh Natural, which stocks Ethique and the bamboo toothbrushes from Grin and Go Bamboo.
  • A Merkur stainless steel razor (just like the dads used in the good old days – oh and hipsters now use), which will last me for years. The disposable blades are steel and can be recycled. They come in paper!!!
  • Diva Cup (life-changing!!!) from the local pharmacy.

These products are all biodegradable, come wrapped in paper and are non-toxic. All bought online, these days I rarely enter the cosmetic aisle, and I save loads, especially on menstrual products and razors. Eco Beauty Editor is great for recommendations and reviews, and Oh Natural for shopping!

By buying these products, I save landfill from approx 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner each, 6 bottles of hand and body soap, 2 bottles of face scrub, 4 plastic toothbrushes, 12 plastic razors and hundreds of wrappers per year, and avoid toxins going in to our waterways. I also easily save $100/year.


Got any great products you can recommend?

Still a way to go, but life changes need to be sustainable too, right!?

Read on for which products are next on the waste-free target…

Eventually, I’ll switch my toothpaste (It’s natural already but in a tube) to bicarbonate of soda, and activated charcoal. I have a charcoal one from Zoo that I choose because the plastic container is the perfect size for lunch snacks for my son, or to decant coconut oil into for travelling.

Once my multiple body moisturisers are finished (somehow I always end up with loads), I’ll get an Ethique bar, plus I use the coconut oil. It’ll be hard to give up on the Weleda Skin food though. I have a natural, paraben-free, rosehip oil face serum in glass with a plastic lid and a Body Shop Vit C serum one in plastic.

As to make-up. This will be a longer mission. I love my Body Shop products (long-time fan because I love and support their anti-animal testing pioneering history), and my Arbonne mascara (vegan, natural and not tested on animals). But they are plastic, and I’d prefer to support locally made.

11 thoughts on “Zero waste – less anyway…

  1. beautyholics101 says:

    You’re doing so great! I first heard about the zero waste movement on YouTube and I have to say I’m hooked. I’m switching to bar soap and also trying to use a reusable cloth to take off makeup rather than wipes. Hope to get to the level you’re at! Thank you for sharing the products you used, I will definitely check out your recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mygoodemporium says:

      I was going to get reusable wipes too but then the coconut oil does the job. What are you thinking?
      I use toilet tissue to wipe the excess.
      It’s all taken me a little while to get to this point and some real fails (like trying to shave with the blade protector in!! Hilarious!!) thanks beautyholics for commenting 🙏😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • beautyholics101 says:

        I’ve been using the cloth makeup eraser things and also FaceHalo makes really high quality reusable and washable cotton rounds that I want to try! you’ve made some lovely progress towards your goal and I wish you the best! You’re welcome, your post was enjoyable and I really wanted to let you know I loved it!


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