My name is Frederique Gulcher. I am a mother, a social science student, a communications professional and a lover of the beautiful outdoors of New Zealand, where I live. I am also passionate about sustainability, human rights, cultural expression and… yes, fashion.

Fashion, particularly fast fashion and the garment manufacturing industry, is one of the most significant polluting and human exploiting machines, which worries me. It worried me to such a point, a few years ago, that I set off on a path to resolve that worry. I started my facebook page mygoodemporium as a place to share my discoveries, both great and gruesome, about sustainability and the ethics of the fashion industry, as well as connect with like-minded individuals.

What I now find every day is a growing and wonderful world of beautiful clothing with positive ethical and sustainable stories behind them.

And in the meanwhile, I am slowly changing my spending habits and my wardrobe. In March 2017 I am undertaking the Six Items Challenge, that will feature heavily in my first blogs.

If any of this resonates with you, but you’re scared about what a sustainable wardrobe means, ask me about my journey.

Or just see what I have to say. For the most part, it’s good stuff.