Hello. My name is Frederique.

I am a mother, PR consultant, journalist, and a lover of the beautiful outdoors of New Zealand, where I live. I am also passionate about sustainability, human rights, cultural expression and fashion.

You’ve found yourself on this page because you are either a lover of fashion, human rights, the environment or all of the above. Perhaps you’re curious about them and how they work together, or just feeling frustrated at the throw away nature of today’s fashion.

Fashion isn’t known for ethics and sustainability and perhaps that bothers you. It did me, and that’s why I have embarked on this journey to find clothes that I love because they look good and importantly, they are good.

Don’t worry, being an ethical fashion follower is not as hard as it looks. Stick with me, and I’ll share my discoveries with you. You can expect some tips, tricks, links to good – great – brands and other awesome bloggers, as well as advice to keep you feeling inspired.

I’m on Instagram and facebook too – search for mygoodemporium – where you can connect with a growing network of like-minded individuals.

I look forward to sharing the journey together! x