Ready to splash – sustainable swimwear

As I write this it's bucketing down with rain, and yesterday it was snowing. I can't say that is entirely normal for this time of year, but then New Zealand wouldn't be the only country experiencing the anomalies of climate change. Give it a few days, and spring will be back!! As we're on the … Continue reading Ready to splash – sustainable swimwear

small changes create ripples

Small changes create ripples…

What an amazing few weeks are behind me. I was able to share the sustainable fashion message at three different opportunities, the Great Glenorchy Getaway hosted by Camp Glenorchy  (which I incidentally recently wrote an article about) and at the One Summit Festival of Sustainability held in Queenstown and Wanaka. The highlight was co-hosting the One Summit … Continue reading Small changes create ripples…

My top 6 sustainable backpacks

By now you’ll know I like to hang on to things. Why? Because I hate throwing things away that I know will go to landfill and just clutter up the beautiful world we live in, even before any horrible emissions are released through some process of non-bio degradation. But also, it's my way of resisting … Continue reading My top 6 sustainable backpacks

How I feel about plastic free July – and it isn’t preachy  

Last year, Plastic Free July really inspired me. I took on the challenge to try to make some positive, life-long changes around our plastic use as a family, and me personally with regard cosmetics. The month is about refusing single-use plastic during July. You can join the challenge and read more here. But for me, … Continue reading How I feel about plastic free July – and it isn’t preachy  

NZ’s most eco and most friendly accommodation

I generally stick to fashion, but sometimes something comes along that deserves a mention. How about an accommodation provider so eco-friendly, it is likely to be New Zealand's greenest!? Camp Glenorchy, made up of seven cabins and two bunk houses plus communcal spaces, is about 40 minutes' drive from my house here in Queenstown in … Continue reading NZ’s most eco and most friendly accommodation

“Made in New Zealand from imported goods” – A note on WORLD’s greenwashing expose

The recent Spinoff expose that WORLD, one of New Zealand’s most iconic, avant-garde designer brands, sell Made-In-NZ labelled cotton T-shirts made in Bangladesh, is just an extreme example of the rampant greenwashing in New Zealand fashion. They have been lying to us. And they are not the only ones. Like many nationals, Kiwis are fiercely … Continue reading “Made in New Zealand from imported goods” – A note on WORLD’s greenwashing expose

Viva la Revolution

Get involved this week for Fashion Revolution Week (24-29 April). What is it? Why bother? How do I do it? Answers to those questions below, plus links to resources and quick clicks to lend your voice in the socialsphere. There are loads of ways that you can be part of the revolution to change the … Continue reading Viva la Revolution

Who’s been bad or good? The 2018 ethical fashion report has just been released!

When fast fashion industry’s manufacturing practices are likened to trafficking and modern slavery, it feels like it’s time for a change, don't you think? Tearfund, a development organisation, is trying to do just that. Its second annual Ethical Fashion Guide (in collaboration with Baptist World Australia) - hot off the press - rates fashion brands … Continue reading Who’s been bad or good? The 2018 ethical fashion report has just been released!

A few goodies on my Autumn list…

Ah autumn, you are a temperamental season. Hot, cold, warm breeze, rain and snow, sunny afternoons. I love spring for those very same reasons, but somehow autumn doesn't give me the same pleasure. Perhaps it's the falling leaves, the darkening evenings, the thought of winter? Having said that winter in Queenstown is superb!!!! What I … Continue reading A few goodies on my Autumn list…

Zero waste – less anyway…

I’ve always been the one that walks around switching taps off when people leave them running unnecessarily while brushing, washing, etc. I have always been the one to re-use the leftovers, save the containers, and fix my clothes. In fact, that desire to minimise waste is probably the reason I became environmentally aware, not the … Continue reading Zero waste – less anyway…