New Zealand’s Guide to Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands and Marketplaces

Click here for New Zealand’s first directory of good brands, an evolving guide of NZ-made and/or NZ-designed ethical and sustainable fashion labels doing great things or getting better and better.

My Good Emporium Guide to New Zealand’s ethical and sustainable fashion brands


  • This is based on my opinion however, I have done solid research:
  • interviewed some of the founders/designers, cross-referencing other sources such as Good On You App, Tearfund, others in the industry, Google, blogs/articles, and the websites of brands.
  • I’m a journalist, so I’m not easily greenwashed!
  • Brands are rated by stars * from 1-5, 5 being the most ethical, 1 being good enough to make it on the directory but not quite there yet.
  • The fifth star is usually reserved for products that are made – as in cut and assembled and dyed – in NZ.
  • No stars? Haven’t yet decided!!
  • In the future price will be included too by $$$$$. And there’s a handy wee glossary at the end.

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