Earlier this year (in 2017) I participated in the six items challenge – wearing only six items for six weeks. The initiative is by UK-based charity Labour Behind the Label and seeks to raise awareness and funds to alleviate some of the unfair and abusive labour practices happening in ‘sweatshop’ garment factories.

It was tough but also incredibly liberating at times. I learnt things about myself and other people that I did not expect too.

Here is the video where I started, and below that the blogs written during the challenge. If you only want to read one or two I suggest the final four at the bottom. Or just read my Stuff article that neatly explains the process and revelations. And there were a lot of revelations. Here’s a summary…

A seasonal capsule wardrobe is the way to go. It forces you to hone in on your style and makes you chose quality and a great fit instead of focussing only on the latest trend. We can do a lot with very little and still have great style.

Being more conscious of who made my clothes and how they were made has led me to discover beautiful designers and brands, including how absolutely awesome organic cotton is.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were interested in the message around the experiment too. Most surprising of all is that no one noticed, even when they knew I was wearing only six items of clothing for six weeks. My work colleagues were in fact surprised themselves that they had stopped noticing.

My favourite revelation: You’re more likely to remember a smile than what someone is wearing!

In doing this, I have learnt a lot about the human and environmental destruction caused by fashion consumption, and I want to be a part of making it less awful. I want to wear beautiful clothing, that feels good, looks good and is ‘good’.

Want to give it a try, even just for a couple of weeks. Get in touch and ask me 🙂

6 for 6 – getting ready!

Meet me and my six items

6 items update and new look

And the answer was no

The new six

Stacking up, taking stock

The customer is always right

The good, the bad and the…

Half way to Stockholm

Active wear, active wear. Doing stuff in my active wear

Cuts and revelations

One more week to go!

Last day! Tears, tears and STUFF

Finished, Far & Wide