Find out how to slow your fashion down in 2019

Even though January 1, 2019 is just another day, a Tuesday as it happens, there is a mental shift we make with talk of newness and, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, after summer holidays have granted us time away from work. Like them or not, this is the time for resolutions. If not to take … Continue reading Find out how to slow your fashion down in 2019

small changes create ripples

Small changes create ripples…

What an amazing few weeks are behind me. I was able to share the sustainable fashion message at three different opportunities, the Great Glenorchy Getaway hosted by Camp Glenorchy  (which I incidentally recently wrote an article about) and at the One Summit Festival of Sustainability held in Queenstown and Wanaka. The highlight was co-hosting the One Summit … Continue reading Small changes create ripples…

My top 6 sustainable backpacks

By now you’ll know I like to hang on to things. Why? Because I hate throwing things away that I know will go to landfill and just clutter up the beautiful world we live in, even before any horrible emissions are released through some process of non-bio degradation. But also, it's my way of resisting … Continue reading My top 6 sustainable backpacks

NZ’s most eco and most friendly accommodation

I generally stick to fashion, but sometimes something comes along that deserves a mention. How about an accommodation provider so eco-friendly, it is likely to be New Zealand's greenest!? Camp Glenorchy, made up of seven cabins and two bunk houses plus communcal spaces, is about 40 minutes' drive from my house here in Queenstown in … Continue reading NZ’s most eco and most friendly accommodation

Inspired and scared by Japan

We recently returned from a mammoth 6-week holiday. We knocked off family reunions and reconnecting in the Netherlands and the UK, and added Singapore and Japan to the mix on either end for 'fun'. As this is a blog about sustainable fashion, I won't go into too much detail about the actual travel. Suffice to … Continue reading Inspired and scared by Japan